New Medicines, Inspired By Protein Communities

Interline Therapeutics is a drug discovery company focused on systematically elucidating protein communities to define molecular mechanisms of disease.

Proteins have generally been studied as isolated entities, but in nature function in protein communities – interconnected networks of dynamic protein interactions. Medical researchers have been limited by an incomplete understanding of how these networks impact common diseases.

Interline is developing a precision medicine platform to map and modulate protein communities, leveraging recent advancements in genomics, proteomics, structural biology and computational chemistry.

Proteins are the proximal translation of genetic information into multidimensional, broadly druggable chemical space. Advances in multiple disciplines are aligning to expose previously hidden dimensions of protein communities in their native context. Interline will use this information to develop new medicines for genetically validated signaling pathways.

Scientific Focus

Interline has developed a drug discovery platform focused on three essential areas:


Our genomics pipeline prioritizes genetic variants that drive disease by altering protein communities.


We integrate experimental proteomics and machine learning techniques to identify the detailed molecular mechanisms through which genetic variants change protein community dynamics.


Advanced biophysics, structural biology and computational capabilities enable us to discover and characterize drugs that reshape these communities.

“Protein interaction dynamics inform cellular, structural, and evolutionary mechanisms, and are critical to elucidating how genome variation contributes to human health. Broadly linking genomic variation to changes in protein interactions will impact drug discovery by revealing pathways that drive disease progression.”

– Wade Harper

Our Team

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Founding Scientific Advisors

  • John Chodera

    Memorial Sloan Kettering

  • Wade Harper

    Harvard Medical School

  • Nevan Krogan

    University of California San Francisco

  • Brenda Schulman

    Max Planck Institute

  • Mike Varney

    previously Roche, Genentech, Pfizer

Board Of Directors

  • Vik Bajaj


  • Kristina Burow

    Board Observer

  • Jay Parrish


  • Zach Sweeney


  • Jim Tananbaum

    Director and Chairman

  • Mike Varney


Growing Community

  • Christine Beahn

    Director, Corporate Development

  • Mario Cardozo

    VP, Computational Chemistry

  • Shannon Chi


  • Nick Galli


  • Kara Halvorsen

    Human Resources

  • Stacy Holland


  • Don Kirkpatrick

    VP, CTO

  • Aditya Murthy

    Director, Cell Biology

  • Anj Saha

    VP, Discovery Pharmacology

  • Kyle Simonetta

    Director Lead Discovery

  • Zach Sweeney


  • David Tully

    VP, Medicinal Chemistry

“The reactions of life depend on dynamic protein molecular machines. Modulating the manner in which these machines interact – the key inputs and outputs of protein function – offers tremendous potential for developing new therapies.”

– Brenda Schulman


Interline is creating a culture centered around our dual commitments to patients and employees.

We prioritize science and innovation, empower one another, and are growing a diverse and inclusive team with individuals united by our common values.


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Suite 300
South San Francisco, CA

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