Our Mission

We are developing a thorough understanding of the structural dynamics of protein interactions…


…and systematically using this information to discover new medicines

Our Mission

To develop drugs that dramatically improve the lives of patients suffering from common diseases by mapping and modulating protein communities

Our Vision

To revolutionize drug discovery by establishing a systematic, efficient and reproducible approach

We Value


We all make Interline a supportive and fun place to work. Mutual empowerment and a commitment to collaboration enable us to operate as much more than the sum of our parts.


Innovative drug development is an exciting endeavor, but it isn’t always easy. We embrace learning with grit and good humor.


We must act with integrity and fully trust one another in order to be successful. Respectful and constructive feedback is always welcome.


To enable our most promising projects, we work together to continuously make difficult individual and company-wide prioritization decisions.


We design and rigorously execute challenging experiments, and conduct business with a sense of urgency.